Hotels are full of people going and coming. In ours, you can find absent-minded tourists who were looking for a stay in front of the sea, lawyers who had a meeting in the court, or some comercial sellers who wanted you to buy the Moon or a can of… whatever!

But, in our Hotel we also find the office man who just wants to have a coffee, or the lovely group of grandmas who are enjoying their cups of tea, and a million children playing with little sticks and stones on the ground, eating “estrellitas” chips, while their parents are sunbathing and slurping the last drop of their vermouths.

We love imagining a little and peaceful world in our Hotel. That’s why, when we digg in the floor and we appear on the other side of the planet, we swim among dolphines speaking maori…

Welcome to Mar de Tasmania

Five Rooms

Something more than pizzas / terrace


In July of 1997, “la Pizzeria” was born on Amor Filial Street. It became a point of reference in La Bisbal in a record time and it also became, as well, the growing seed of Hotel Mar de Tasmania, which saw the light and was born nine years later.
As if we were in an oasis in the middle of the village, “La Pizzeria del Tasmania” is a yard where we try to keep on mantaining the simple way of the concept and, also, we hold a little bit more complicated formula in order to execute and give good food at a good price as well.
With no stridencies, it offers a varied menu where you can easily find out that your name appears in one of our dishes.
Salads, pasta, meats, and some other surprises, go hand in hand among 30 different types of pizzas.
Whatelse would you need? Tiramisú, maybe?

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